Getting Started: As a UserΒΆ

To start a Virtual Micromagnetics environment, you will need the following software:

After restarting your machine, command the following in an empty directory:

vagrant init virtualmicromagnetics/full
vagrant up --provider virtualbox

These commands will download the Full Virtual Micromagnetics environment from the Internet to your computer, and load the environment automatically. When complete, you should be greeted with this window:


This is output from a virtual machine running on your computer! Virtual machines produced in this way run Ubuntu GNU/Linux ( with the XFCE window manager. From here, you can follow instructions in the welcome file on the desktop to run simulations with the installed packages. Never worry about software dependencies again!


Next, see Virtual Micromagnetics Environments and Simulation Software for the environments that are available besides the Full Virtual Micromagnetics environment, and the software on these environments.