Virtual Micromagnetics Environments and Simulation Software

In Getting Started: As a User, we created a virtual machine based on the Full Virtual Micromagnetics environment. Here, we detail the micromagnetic simulation packages and other software supported and used by Virtual Micromagnetics, and we describe the list of available Virtual Micromagnetics environments.


The following micromagnetic simulation packages are supported by Virtual Micromagnetics:

Each environment that uses a simulation package also contains its examples, and a link to its documentation page which can be opened in the virtual machine. The following infrastructure software is also used in all environments:


The Full environment contains all simulation packages supported by Virtual Micromagnetics, as well as dependencies requested by our users, including:

We recognise that many of our users will not require these tools. To that end, a “Lite” environment can be used instead, which contains all of the simulation packages the Full environment does, without these optional packages. To download and use the Lite Virtual Micromagnetics environment, command:

vagrant init virtualmicromagnetics/lite
vagrant up --provider virtualbox

Note that this is syntactically similar to the command used in Getting Started: As a User, and can be adapted for all other Virtual Micromagnetics environments. Environments exist for specific simulation packages, such as “virtualmicromagnetics/oommf”. The following table shows the list of environments available under Virtual Micromagnetics, and the software they contain:

Software vs. Environment Full Lite OOMMF Magpar Nmag Fidimag
Micromagnetic OOMMF      
Infrastructure Ubuntu
Python 2
Other Cython          

See Getting Started: As a Poweruser if more fine-grained control over your software interests you. However, we firstly recommend reading Virtual Machines and Related Software to understand more about virtual machines, virtual environments, and the software used to create them in the Virtual Micromagnetics project.