Virtual Micromagnetics Documentation


Welcome to the Virtual Micromagnetics project, where we aim to enable accessible and reproducible micromagnetics simulation, without compromise.

Provided by Mark Vousden, Hans Fangohr, and others at the University of Southampton. Funded by EPSRC’s DTC grant EP/G03690X/1. The license for this software is available here.

The Virtual Micromagnetics project creates virtual environments that run micromagnetic (and in some cases, atomistic) simulations of magnetic behaviour. These environments produce system virtual machines which emulate a configured set of software on your computer. This means you as a user only need to manage the software to support the virtual machine, as opposed to the complicated set of dependencies most simulation packages require. As a result, these virtual environments are far simpler to maintain, meaning you have more time to solve the mysteries of the universe instead of:

  • wondering why the latest version of a package is incompatible with earlier simulations.
  • wondering how to maintain multiple versions of a package to support old simulation software.
  • persuading your high-performance computing system administrator to support your long list of software dependencies.
  • setting up user accounts and packages for new students to run simulations.